Things to read about Dean Smith

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It’s hard to find the right words to say about the legendary North Carolina basketball coach, who died Saturday night at age 83. But here are some people who came close: Tommy Tomlinson, ESPN: “Precious Memories“: The dogs start barking. The door opens. And there he is. The caregiver wheels him in. Dean is back […]

Beyond Honored

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A couple years ago, someone gave me a strip from a fortune cookie, and I thought it was a cool thing to put on top of my computer monitor at work. It’s nice to look at when I get stuck, or don’t feel like I’m good enough, or don’t know what I’m doing with my […]

The story changes when you shoot with the iPhone

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Down in Ballantyne, there’s a standoff going on between the guy who used to own all of Ballantyne Village, and the company that now owns a large portion of it. After a foreclosure, Bob Bruner now only owns the parking garage and two lots, while MV Ballantyne Village owns the shops and the rest of […]

My Email Address Has Become Obsolete

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I’ve had the same e-mail address for about eight years now, which is saying something. I’m not sure what. Anyway, after today, that address (it starts with “freejimtraficant”) is no longer really relevant, since Jim Traficant will be freed from a federal prison sometime today. Jimbo, the former congressman from my former district in Ohio […]